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Charlotte Sykes
Wellbeing Trustee

I'm Charlotte and I'm a trustee here at HOPE  health and wellbeing lead, my main responsibilities include attending and implementing ideas at  board meetings and supporting volunteers with their training and wellbeing needs.   I am also the chair woman at the carers garden and I'm an active member of Barnsley Baptist church.

I live and work in Barnsley and although I'm not a native I love the town and its people, joining Hope in 2020.

I have been actively involved in community work from a young age as a survivor of childhood cancer and growing up in a village that embraced community ( Skelmanthorpe ) it was inevitable really that I would take up a career in social care.

Working in the social care sector gave me the opportunity to gain experience with real meaning, helping and supporting others was my way of giving back and it was a job that allowed my passion for people to develop. Becoming a voice, advocating for thoughts who could not speak for themselves and later becoming active to support my fellow colleagues as a work place steward. Im proud to say Im a mum of two, as they grew up I loved nothing more than to spend time having fun with them, the messier the better.

I reentered education as an adult as a way to improve my own mental health, attending Northern college reignited my love for learning.  Wanting to support carers I decided to retrain Graduating in 2020 with  Counseling and Mentoring Degree. I'm now a community mentor and director for Living Hope Community Mentors Cic and have the pleasure of working with individuals and groups, including collective work with HOPE to provide youth and community sessions.

Contact me directly on :

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