Corporate Partnership 

There are many ways of support us as a corporate Partnership 

Charity of the year 

Could we be your charity of the year?  We will build a strong partnership with your business and encourage your team to get involved with our Fundraising events 

  • We can help promoting your Business 

  • Share the story with Local Public Relations 

  • Opportunities for your Team to volunteer directly with our Families 

  • To spread awareness of the charity and your Business 

  • To make a huge different to our community 

Collections Boxes 

Do you have a business where you could have one of our collection Boxes to help us raised essential funds? We will promote your business and tell you how much you raise

Donations of Service or Equipment 

This could be donation your time to delver a training session, Providing some advice to our clients, donating some old equipment or New, Offering some advice 

Become a Patron 

H.O.P.E in Community are looking for leading supporters, By pledging to support the work of H.O.P.E in Community over serval years you can support our families.

How will becoming a H.O.P.E in Community Patron Support you?


  • Improve staff Moral and engagement though Volunteering, Fundraising or building awareness.

  • Recognition of being a patron on our website, Social Media Platforms, Newsletters and local news where possible. 

  • Raise your Business profile of your corporate Social Responsibility 

Business £30 a Month or £360 a year

You will get Your business name on our website and in our newsletter and one post a month on our social media platforms 

Business £80+ a Month or £960+ a year 

You will get Your business name on our website and in our newsletter and get three posts a month on our social media platforms 

Match Giving 

This if your employers raise funds for us you match the amount there have raise 
So if one of your employee raise £200 then you would match this with another £200 which would make it £400.00 in total

Employment Supportive Volunteering 

This is where you provide some staff to help on a project or event. Where the Employee volunteers during working hours to support a project or the charity. 

Thank you for thinking about supporting us and if you have a question please get in touch with us on our contact form