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The Power of Networking

You may have heard it said before “it isn’t what you know, it’s who you know” and this is true for many things in life. With H.O.P.E. in Community we have experienced the power of networking and the benefit that knowing people brings with it.

Back in 2018 our chairperson, Peter Robertshaw, went to a car boot sale and got to talking to the person on the stand next to him. The person on this stand happened to be Martha, a singing teacher. Peter was telling Martha about all the things H.O.P.E. in Community does when Martha offered to help with fundraising should we ever need it and to do a concert for us. This led to Martha singing in a Valentine’s Day concert in February 2019 and a Christmas concert in 2019 for us. Two incredible events. What’s more, she also donated some items from her stall and she will be doing more concerts for us in the future.

Meeting Martha hasn’t only been great for H.O.P.E. in Community, Peter is now taking personal singing classes with Martha as well. Networking and meeting new people can be quite scary for some people but it is also incredibly rewarding and in Peter’s case it can lead you to step outside of your comfort zone to learn a new skill. Meeting new people is inspiring, can generate new ideas, and can lead to new partnerships. Working together we can achieve more than alone after all.

This just goes to show that no matter where you are, you never know who you will meet and how this can affect both your lives. We’re certainly glad we met Martha!


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