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Do you want to Support Us?

Are you planning a fundraiser?

Are you looking for a charity to support but are overwhelmed by the choices and want to make sure you choose the best fit?

Let me break it down for you, we here at HOPE need your help but where would your money and effort go?

We do so many things! It is easiest to chat about this with you over a cuppa but let’s try to summarize it:

- We offer a listening service to support people with their mental health, who feel isolated and lonely.

- We offer cooking classes to learn how to cook on a budget.

- We offer holiday services, activities, and meals. (Keep your eyes peeled for our first-ever virtual holiday program!)

- We offer a toddler group and a new baby to toddler group.

- We offer a foodbank service.

We’re a 100% voluntary-led organisation and are now supported by 25 volunteers. This is what some of our volunteers have to say about working with us:

Jaime Glover, Deputy Creche Project Leader – “I thought joining would just be running a creche for a few hours, but it’s so much more. Becoming part of HOPE has helped bring out my confidence, I work alongside some wonderful people who guide and help me when I ask & keep me up to date with info and courses. My early year's certificate was achieved before 2009, meaning it has all changed since I passed my courses. HOPE has helped me gain the confidence to re-do my EYFS course. I know if I struggle with any work or support I can go to the team and they will receive help.”

Orrion Barnett, Marketing and Publications Officer – “I’ve gained confidence and met lots of new people. I’ve also had lots of opportunities, such as taking a first aid course, to become a qualified first aider.”

We love what we do and have seen the benefit of it throughout our growth! But we understand that deciding to lend our time and funds to any cause is a big commitment, so we are more than welcome to talk to you about this opportunity! Get in touch now to discuss this further by calling us on 07462 962292 or 07726189933 or fill in our contact form.


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