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Break the Cycle- Come Volunteer for Us!

Do you feel stuck in a rut?

Do you feel all you do is work-eat-sleep-repeat?

Do you want to break this cycle, give back to your local community, and meet new people?

You came to the right place! Here at HOPE in community we’re always looking for you, self motivated people who would like to support their local community.

What do we do? We do so many things! It is easiest to chat about this with you over a cuppa but let’s try to summarize it: -

We offer a listening service to support people with their mental health, who feel isolated and lonely. -

We offer cooking classes to learn how to cook on a budget. -

We offer holiday services, activities and meals. (Keep your eyes peeled for our first-ever virtual holiday program!) -

We offer a toddler group and a new baby to toddler group. -

We offer a foodbank service.

We don’t stand still and are working on new ways in which we can help our local community, but we can’t do this alone. We need as much help as possible and you could be a great part of that.

How can you support us?

You can support us in two ways, by giving some of your time to volunteer with us or by supporting us financially.

As little as £5 a month can go a long way in providing support for those who need it. Please get in touch with us now for an informal chat about how your help could be beneficial to the people we support and we can create a plan that works for everyone! call us on

07462 962292

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